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About TKC

With 30 plus years of plumbing experience, the TKC team specializes in working with multi-unit property owners to reduce their utility expenses. You can be confident that any job we take on will be done right the first time and completed on schedule. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized customer service experience as well as our ability to complete a project with minimal disruption to the occupants and property managers.


Our Mission

To leverage the latest in water conservation technology to prevent multi-unit property owners from consistently throwing money down the drain.

Our Services

We offer a turn-key approach from storing and installing the new fixtures, along with removal and disposal of the old. Leaving your maintenance team free to deal with the day to day needs of the property. Our crews can complete 150 installations per week making for a fast, painless experience. We replace inefficient toilets, shower heads, and aerators to reduce consumption and save you money. Our vacuum assist flush toilets are also less prone to stoppages and will decrease maintenance calls, and are proven to reduce stoppages by at least 75%.

Conservation Services

Replace inefficient toilets with the newest technology in water conservation.

Replace bathroom and kitchen aerators with water efficient models.

Replace showerheads with water efficient models.

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Why Conserve?

Aside from the environmental impact, switching to more efficient plumbing fixtures saves your properties money.


The average bathroom or kitchen sink runs at least 2.5 gallons per minute. Replacing the existing aerators with water-efficient aerators can reduce consumption by up to 50%.

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The average persons shower lasts about 8-12 minutes, and the water usage rate is 2.5 gallons per minute. Replacing the showerhead with a water-efficient showerhead can reduce consumption by up to 50%.

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A standard toilet has a flush rate of 1.6 gallons per flush. Older toilets typically flush at 3.2 gallons per flush. Installing a truly efficient toilet with a flush rate of 0.8 gallons per flush reduces consumption by up to 50%. Additionally, the powerful eco-flush mechanism on these toilets will reduce stoppages and reduce maintenance tickets for stopped up and running toilets.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The week that I was scheduled to have our new toilets replaced at my property, I was scheduled to be off. I was stressed because I wanted to be on-site to make sure things went as planned. I met with Casey and she assured me that she would be on the property overseeing the project. She provided me with a schedule for each building and she provided daily feedback with the progress until the completion of the project. The crew was very professional and they completed the project on time without any major issues. The residents love their new toilets and we love the money that we have been able to save with the water conservation!

— Keycia Stover, Property Manager

My experience with TKC was amazing! Casey was onsite daily to ensure the project went smooth. The care and attention given to my property was a display of exceptional customer service. If you are looking to complete a major project (toilets), TKC is the company to contact.

— De’Cola Dickerson, Regional Property Manager